Our services
Security And Guarding

In the light of challenges and risks, Herasat offers a distinctive and advanced security service that ensures security and safety through

  • Securing buildings, facilities ,agencies and various sites by providing qualified and trained security guards at the highest level of efficiency and professionalism
  • Secure banking, petroleum, embassies and other public and private sectors with specialized security solutions that correspond to the nature of each sector
Personal Guarding Body Guarding

Personal guarding teams work to provide comprehensive guarding for the targeted person starting from the determination of the risk level from which he may suffer and ending with designing and laying down and executing a designed security plan ensuring his safety at times and in all places. Such a plan includes the transportation means, accommodation, and communication with providing attendants qualified and trained at the best level of efficiency and professionalism with the application of the latest necessary techniques, equipment, and devices ensuring the provision of complete protection for the person in all his movements. The company guarantees its customers complete privacy in dealing with their personal vocational and professional information by providing them with consulting and guiding services to increase their degree of security awareness and alertness.

Providing Security For Events

Events need to provide a high level of planning, preparation, and execution to ensure and guarantee the fulfillment of their goals and achieving the satisfaction of the participants. In this framework, Herasat provides security services for events by helping to organize various kinds of events such as public events, special events, conferences, and exhibitions.

Evaluating and Analyzing The Security Risks

Evaluating the risks is considered among the important and necessary operations to maintain security and safety in various fields and businesses – whether on the level of the facilities or the employees. Such operation aims to determine, classify, and analyze the possible dangers by estimating the probability of their occurrence and their impact on the goals and interests.
Such evaluation is conducted by studying the probable factors that may negatively affect security and safety such as natural factors, technical factors, political factors, and economic factors, and determining the reasons and the possible incidents that may result in the occurrence of the dangers of all various kinds.
Consequently, the necessary measures and precautions are taken to limit the risks or to alleviate their consequences and effects and to deal with them in an active manner in case of their occurrence.

Fire Risks

Fires pose a great danger to the lives of persons and the properties and businesses. To know how to act in case of a fire at the workplace or at home and how to use a suitable fire extinguisher correctly and actively and to protect others and to evacuate them safely from the fireplace, Herasat provides training on facing the fire risks including:

  • Theoretical lectures about the reasons for the fires, their kinds, and how to put them out.
  • Practical training on how to use the fire extinguisher suitable for each kind of fires
  • Provide training on safe and quick evacuation measures in case of breaking up a fire.
  • Providing approved and accredited certificates for the trainees after passing the tests.