Our Mission

Provision of the complete protection for our customers to ensure their safety and to protect their properties by using all developed solutions and methods.




Concept of Security & Guarding

Security is considered one of the basic indispensible elements at any large corporation. Hiring one of the specialized security companies is the best fair and neutral solutions to maintain the assets and the investment of the company with the provision of and spreading the security awareness at the employees. The implementation of security depends on a group of various and different factors including laws, codes, security precautions taken by the company as well as the experience and technology and modern systems and methods provided by the security service provider in addition to cooperation and coordination with the various departments of the company with the aim of providing the best quality rates anticipated from security and guarding service.




Security And Guarding

In light of the challenges and risks, Herasat offers a distinctive and advance security service that ensures security and safety.

Personal Guarding (Body Guarding)

Personal guarding teams work to provide comprehensive guarding for the targeted person starting from the determination of risks’ level from which he may suffer and ending with designing and laying down and executing well designed security plan ensuring his safety at times and in all places.

Providing Security for Events

Events need to provide a high level of planning, preparation and execution to ensure and guarantee the fulfillment of their goals and achieving the satisfaction of the participants.

At Herasat company, we seek to build a long term relationship with our customers by gaining their trust. Herasat company puts the trust of its customers in the first place and the first consideration with being complied with all ethical and legal standards in carrying out its tasks.

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